My specialties include the psychiatric and behavioral sciences and translating scientific information for the general public.

Becky Hall Treating Adolescents Stanford Bookstore reading website cropped

Rebecca Hall & Hans Steiner, MD at the Stanford Bookstore reading of Treating Adolescents, 2nd Edition


  • Clinical handbooks
  • Textbooks
  • Trade books
  • Self-help books
  • Book chapters
  • Peer-reviewed journal articles
  • Website content (including blogs)


  • Content editing:
    • As a content editor, I help with the development and revision of the book or paper to ensure that the material is well-organized, the ideas are clear and complete, and the arguments are strong. I also help with style and readability. My knowledge and experience can help you turn your ideas into a well-articulated, structured piece of writing.
  • Line editing
    • When line editing a manuscript, I focus on the construction of sentences and paragraphs, making suggestions for how to reword sections as needed in order to improve the flow, clarity, and efficiency of the writing.
  • Copy editing
    • Copy editing is what many people think of as proofreading. I will go through your writing with a fine-tooth comb to correct any errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Copy editing can also include the formatting of references. This should be the final stage of editing before publication.
  • English-language editing
    • English-language editing typically involves a combination of copy and line editing. I have worked with several international clients who speak English as a second language.

Every book, paper, and blog requires a unique ratio of content, line, and copy editing. I can work with you to help you determine what type of editing is best for your project.

My freelance business is currently on hold. Please contact me at for more information.